Baba Restaurant & Beach Bar, Antibes



BABA (Ba, בא in Hebrew means „come“) is a place of sharing and movement. It’s a celebration that connects the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a big sun that goes to your head. BABA is orchestrated with the complicity of chef Assaf Granit, born in the cosmopolitan city of Jerusalem, who is the soul of iconic addresses around the world, with an informal and elegant atmosphere: Balagan or Tekes in Paris, Machneyuda in Jerusalem, Coal Office in London, among others. From the restaurant on the sandy beach and its terrace, to the bar, the beach, or the pool, you are caught in the same energy that animates the hotel: the energy of a euphoric joy of living

Text by Baba Restaurant

Top – Baum und Pferdgarten, similar HERE & HERE
Shorts – Sezane, similar HERE 
Sunglasses – Bottega Veneta, HERE 

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